Dec 12, 2014

I Can't Wait To See What Gifts Today Will Bring

I’m blown away by the power of our minds. Positive affirmations can rewire our brains to get rid of habits and beliefs that limit our potential. So that we can reach for the stars and achieve our biggest dreams. In this video, I'm trying out new forms of prose/poetry/not sure what to call it. Searching for my voice. All comments and feedback are welcome.


Dec 1, 2014

Twitter tries out coupons despite everything American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Bing taught us

Lots of companies have tried and failed to blend social media and retail. American Express, Visa, MasterCard and now Twitter use credit card-linked offers that rely entirely on a coupon clipping analogy. All have failed or will fail. It’s time to try a new analogy. Loyalty marketing is a much more effective analogy. I’ll explain why.

I’ve watched the coupon clipping concept come back around every few years, failing every time. I’ve even provided the back end systems that enable this, so I’m intimately familiar with it.

This article in Wired nails the problem: "In order to redeem Twitter Offers, consumers have to link their cards, complete a transaction, and then go offline and visit the store with the offering. And even after a buyer visits a store, they will have to wait to see if their money gets credited back to them—because it’s not an instantaneous discount.” Talk about friction.

There is lots of friction for merchants as well: “You, as a merchant, have no idea who redeemed, who was looking at the offer, etc. There are no details or analytics around it. And historically, banks and credit cards haven’t shared that information.” Of course not, because they can’t.

Taggo’s approach is to use a loyalty marketing analogy instead of coupon clipping. Customers don’t need to link their credit cards. All that’s needed is to like the merchant on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, then give their mobile number to the cashier whenever they shop. Merchants get detailed information on who shopped in their stores, when and how often. Just like a traditional loyalty program but without membership forms or cards. And without the need for expensive CRM and loyalty marketing systems, since everything is built into the merchant’s social dashboard.

Taggo’s “Fan Club” platform is currently available only on Facebook. Here is a concept video showing how the technology would look with Twitter integration.

Jun 16, 2014

Pay with more kindness and less cash

Examples of table-top posters we are about to trial in Singapore before rolling out.

Jun 8, 2014

Why did your startup idea choose you?

Is your startup stuck in a rut? Maybe you’ve developed your first product, got friends and family on board, but now growth has stagnated. Maybe you’ve even begun losing the passion you had at the start of your venture.

When this happens, we tend to strengthen our grip to force the results that we want. One way to reboot is to step back and loosen your grip, like an artist.

May 2, 2014

Using Patents as Collateral – A New Source of Financing for Entrepreneurs

I once had a startup in Paris that was sued for patent infringement and died. That was my crash introduction to IP. I was a software engineer and marketeer, and found it ludicrous that patents could be granted for something which I thought was just an idea. When I created my next startup, I avoided other people’s patents, filed my own, and then wiped out a few competitors who were providing similar technology. Clearing them out of the way helped us achieve commercial traction easier and ensured a good exit for our shareholders.

Dec 21, 2013

Loyalty programs and digital cameras

What do loyalty programs have in common with digital cameras, MP3 players and web sites?

Most people have decided that they don’t need to buy a digital camera anymore. They already have a high quality camera built into their smartphone, for free. With Facebook, local businesses are discovering that they don’t need to pay for a website anymore. They get the same function with their fan pages, free of charge.

Dec 17, 2013

Adding social media insights to the POS experience

Taggo's POS check-in application shows the customer's Fan Club membership status and number of visits. This makes it easy for the cashier to know whether or not the customer is entitled to a Fan Club benefit.

We are working on new features that take this concept further, with badges that only the cashier sees.

Nov 29, 2013

From Loyalty Programs To Fan Clubs, A Paradigm Shift

Traditional loyalty programs are expensive, heavy, and ripe for disruption. Social media can help blow away existing paradigms and replace them with simple, inexpensive “Fan Clubs”.

Loyalty programs have not changed much since the first airline loyalty cards took off more than 30 years ago. Sure, lots of features were added over the years. Co-branded cards were invented, combining a Visa, MasterCard or American Express payment brand along with a retailer or airline brand. CRM became more sophisticated, resulting in detailed monthly statements and targeted direct marketing. Real-time points and mileage redemption appeared at the POS, first introduced over a decade ago and now going mainstream.

Oct 7, 2013

Taggo speaking at the Direct Marketing Association

Traditional Loyalty Programs No Longer Work! Soundbites presentation to the Direct Marketing Association, Singapore, on October 22nd.

Every business owner knows the importance of having both a loyalty marketing program and an active presence on social media. Combining the two is the tricky bit. Hear a fresh approach on managing interactive collaborations via social networks and learn how you can give your brand the edge over your competitors’.

To reserve your seat, check out the DMAS event, "From Loyalty Programs to Fan Clubs".