Oct 10, 2005

"Shop with your ATM card: easy as 1, 2, 3 ... 4?"

This Citibank banner in India tells customers how to use their ATM cards at the POS. Banks around the world want customers to use their debit cards at the POS, instead of drawing cash at an ATM to buy goods. Customers leave more money in their accounts, so the bank has more money to invest, and customers move from high cost channels like branch transactions and cheques, to the lower cost POS channel. Plus, banks can charge merchants a fee for debit card usage which they don't get for cash.

To make this informational banner more powerful, a fourth step can be added. Step 1, present your card. Step 2, enter your ATM PIN. Step 3, collect your receipt. Step 4, check your receipt for special offers and surprise gifts.

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