Mar 15, 2006

Cinema vouchers in Auckland

Alan Hale went out to see a movie one evening, paid $14.00 with his credit card and got his cinema entry receipt along with a pre-printed voucher inviting him to “come back in the next 2 weeks, present this voucher and pay only $8.50 for your movie ticket.”

The voucher was given to everyone. Notice how it expires in 2 weeks, and how the expiration date is hand stamped on each voucher. March 14th ... yesterday. I hope you got to use the voucher, Alan.

It would be easy for an acquirer to show how Village Skycity Cinemas could simply print the offer at the bottom of the credit or debit card receipt, and only provide the offer to customers who have been to the cinema a number of times over the past month, or, alternatively, people who had not been there recently. Maybe even deliver other offers, like a 2 for 1 entry, or free popcorn. How about a VIP voucher, only valid for the next 2 weeks, offering frequent customers the luxury of discretely cutting in front of everyone else and going through a VIP entry?

The offer would appear as a surprise to the customer, and wouldn’t necessarily need to be advertised.

Does anyone have other examples like this? I would love to hear from you.

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