Apr 10, 2006

High value merchant acquiring services

Here is an example of how acquirers can add high value marketing services to their catalogue with just a handful of simple new enhanced payment features.

This is a sample website that is very similar to the merchant acquiring services section of many banks’ websites. Here is the section on additional products and services, where things like mobile top-ups and dynamic currency conversion appear.

The difference is in the new service called POS Promotional Offers. The service invites merchants to “print targeted promotional offers on your customer’s credit or debit card receipt. Deliver high value promotions to your top customers, or to customers that are probably shopping elsewhere.”

Clicking to see more information provides a list of a handful of simple credit and debit card receipt promotions designed to be very attractive to merchants, and designed to help acquirers avoid downward pressure on merchant service fees. The features enhance the value of accepting bank cards and transform the basic commoditized acquiring service into a higher value service which helps merchants target their promotions in ways which are very difficult and costly otherwise.

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