Apr 2, 2006

Pay in the real world, earn virtual currency for other worlds

Here is a new twist on credit card rewards currencies: “Use your World of Warcraft Visa card to pay in the real world, earn World of Warcraft gold for use in the virtual world.”

Dave Birch of Consult Hyperion got me thinking about this with his post on virtual money used by people playing on-line games. World of Warcraft gold, for example, has real value and is exchanged by players for real world money.

“A Chinese goldfarmer earns around $100-$120 per month according to the various estimates floating around,” he writes, “whereas an actual Chinese farmer makes around $40 per month. Actual miners in China seem to earn even less: about $12 per month (and tend to die vastly more often than people playing World of Warcraft).”

Coincidently, I saw another piece on this a few days later, from a different angle, in this article titled, “The Future of Credit Cards - Earning virtual currency for spending in the real world & other world bridging.”

This whole thing could go in lots of different directions, all mind-boggling, which I am just starting to wrap my brain around.

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