Apr 20, 2006

Thank you Singapore Airlines! (And how free upgrades linger in your memory)

Yesterday, I was upgraded on the Singapore to Manila flight. There really is nothing like getting an instant, free, unexpected benefit from a company that recognizes you as a valuable customer. I had just flown twelve hours from Paris to Singapore, in Business Class, and was dreading the last leg to Manila in Economy. Thank you Singapore Airlines!

That got me thinking about the other times I’ve been upgraded over the past couple of decades, and how the memories have stayed relatively fresh in my mind, even if in some cases they go back many years. Since most readers of this blog are also heavy travellers, I would bet that you also have strong memories of the upgrades you’ve gotten in the past. Here’s an important question in our line of business: do you remember which airlines surprised you with an upgrade right at the gate, as you were about to board the plane?

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