May 4, 2006

5 payment features make cards more attractive to merchants (Examples)

Here are prior posts with examples of what we call the Top 5 XLS features and how those features can be applied to real-world situations. In the past, we presented our software as a sophisticated and very rich toolbox of features and functionality which could be used in a huge number of combinations. We then went on a simplification crusade and boiled all the capabilities down into 10 basic features, which was then subsequently condensed into the current Top 5. These features were chosen for their ability to really get merchants' juices flowing, so they quickly want to accept cards and move their acquiring business over to our bank customers.

Most of these features are simple receipt promotions delivered as a surprise that the customer isn't expecting. Some of them are advertised. A mix of both techniques attracts a larger selection of customers.

A preferred checkout experience (VIP Service Vouchers)

A preferred checkout experience, part 2 (VIP Service Vouchers)

Opportunities to enhance the payment experience in Thailand (VIP Service Vouchers, Competitive Shopper Coupons)

Tod's leather goods (Frequent Shopper Coupons)

Special invitation-only events (VIP Service Vouchers)

Tops supermarkets, Bangkok (Frequent Shopper Coupons)

Credit card receipt promotions (Frequent Shopper Coupons)

Games that encourage card usage (Game Programs)

Gifts with purchase (Frequent Shopper Coupons)

Encouraging card usage in China (Game Programs)

Disney patents multi-visit movie downloads at fast food restaurants (Frequent Shopper Coupons)

Cinema vouchers in Auckland (Frequent Shopper Coupons, Competitive Shopper Coupons)

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