May 22, 2006

Merchants all over the world do coupons, even in Lahore

Whenever I reach the point in my presentations where I show banks how merchants do coupon promotions, at least one person in the room is likely to say, "That's an American thing, merchants don't do coupons in my country." I guess my American accent gets in the way. Usually, you can then spend a little time walking around a few stores, finding examples that contradict that statement.

If there were lots of countries in the world where merchants didn't do coupon promotions, I imagine you would count Pakistan as one of them. But that would be a mistake. Here is a coupon offer I found in the Lahore edition of the Daily Times, delivered to my hotel room this morning.

Merchants around the world need to find better ways to distribute these promotions. All of the current methods are expensive (like the one shown above), even though they are never targeted and rarely end up in the right hands, from a marketing standpoint.

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