May 2, 2006

Presentations and soundtracks from last week’s Payments World Asia conference

A number of people wanted an electronic version of my presentations at the Payments World Asia conference last week, in Singapore. Here are the links to both of my talks.


The first talk was on contactless. Will contactless change the global payments landscape? What is the value proposition for contactless? Is contactless poised for explosive growth in Asia or will this be the next fad? How do contactless cards accelerate the transition from cash to card for small ticket purchases? The contactless presentation is here, and the accompanying soundtrack is here, if you want to get bored hearing my voice drone on and on.


I also gave a longer presentation on Friday, during the Frost & Sullivan MasterClass. This presentation addressed best practices for successful EMV implementations that Welcome has learned working with banks around the world. It covered 5 key factors for success and 7 common but critical mistakes. The one hour session is a scaled down version of an introductory three hour marketing strategy session which we have done with a number of banks. The EMV best practices presentation is here, and the accompanying soundtrack is here.

Wan Ling did a fantastic job making sure Welcome had tremendous visibility throughout the conference and the exhibition. Kudos, Ling!

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Wan Ling said...

MasterCard now claims that PayPass are making them the "top of wallet" card.