Jun 6, 2006

MasterCard program eliminates signature and receipt on all cards, not just contactless

More than 20,000 Canadian merchants now participate in MasterCard’s Quick Payment Service program, which eliminates the need for a signature or receipt. And it works with all MasterCard cards, so you don’t have to have a PayPass contactless card to get the benefit of fast transactions.

See my prior post a couple months ago on a similar program for Visa cards, called No Signature Required (Visa brings fast transaction feature to all cards, not just contactless).

It's hard to see why merchants would go through the effort of adding contactless readers to their POS systems and educating their clerks, when they can get the same fast transaction benefit from all cards already in people's wallets.

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Kendall Benton said...

The only caveat to this, of course, is that MasterCard limits the merchant categories where this is available. With MasterCard's PayPass "enhancement" to the service, it brings in all merchants and ups the floor limits to those QPS merchants. Obviously, they are leveraging their No Signature program to promote the PayPass agenda.