Jul 21, 2006

Analysts/consultants with a more holistic view of payment than others

If you want more insight from payment analysts/consultants that look at issues from the merchant's perspective, and that are capable of showing how that outlook can benefit banks, you should check out Javelin Strategy & Research's blog.

The vast majority of payments analysts and consultants lack a holistic view of the payments industry and neglect a major market segment, merchants. In comparison, reading Bruce Cundiff's blog posts, I often get the feeling that here is finally someone that understands what's going on. Plus, it is always much more interesting to read someone writing with real feeling and passion, as opposed to simply trying to be politically correct and avoid ruffling feathers.

As an example, Bruce's recent article on how merchants are doing themselves harm is balanced and insightful, yet with a healthy touch of vitriol.

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