Aug 31, 2006

Welcome wins award for industry innovation and advancement

Here's something to be proud of. Welcome has just won the Frost & Sullivan Award for Industry Innovation & Advancement. Employees can read more about it in the August internal Flash Info. All my other blog readers will have to wait for the press release which will be issued soon. But hey, you read about it here first!

Here is how Frost & Sullivan describe the award:

"The Frost & Sullivan Award for Industry Innovation & Advancement is bestowed each year upon a company that has proven to be a leader in the industry and that, through its pioneering technology, sound business strategy, and research efforts, has been successful in moving the state of the industry forward. Its excellence in the field has extended beyond its technical advancements and encompasses a comprehensive view of market participants resulting in an ongoing improvement in the industry over time. This Award recognizes the company for its broader, more comprehensive participation in the industry and for its contributions to the advancement of the market."

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Pierre-Philippe Cormeraie said...

Whaooo. Congratulations for all the team.