Sep 26, 2006

Making Visa cards in Brazil more exciting and attractive to cardholders and merchants than any other card brand

We announced our deal with Visanet Brazil yesterday, something I hinted at several weeks ago, here on this blog. Through this deal, Welcome will help make Visa credit and debit cards much more attractive to merchants at the moment of payment, so merchants will prefer Visa.

Providing merchants substantial new benefits will help reduce pressure on interchange fees on Visa cards and will force other card brands to lower their interchange fees on their “old way to pay” cards that provide little or no new benefits to merchants.

For a more behind the scenes look at the strategy behind this deal, check out my prior post, “How Welcome helps payment schemes justify higher interchange and compete for bank market share”.

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CreditSmartie said...

Congrats on successful putting ur plan into life! I guess you got quite a few more ideas in CC field. Good luck to you with that! it's really good you're sharing your thoughts and ideas on your blog.