Dec 17, 2006

Scissors ads

I stumbled on this Discover Card ad on YouTube. It immediately reminded me of one of Akbank's ads in Turkey in 2001, when they launched their Axess card. Both ads depict scissors cutting up credit cards, getting rid of things people don't like about cards, and replacing them with a card which has none of those faults. It is interesting to me that the two companies came to the same result. I'm not sure customers get excited about this message, though.

Akbank did another ad at the same time, showing HOW their Axess card gave more benefits to customers, rather than simply saying it like the two prior ads. It's the old "Show, don't say" principle. Here we see a customer redeeming his Axess loyalty points right at the point of sale. He chooses a new pair of socks, then pays with his points. A very simple, clear and easy to understand benefit that was still new in Turkey in 2001.

The scissors ads for both Discover Card and Axess simply say "we're better" whereas the Axess points redemption ad actually shows it.

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