Dec 1, 2006

Welcome consumer TV ad storyboard

This is a sample advertisment storyboard to get creative juices flowing. We wanted to show how consumers can experience the new, exciting way to pay, versus the old, boring way to pay. After watching lots of ads from banks that have launched new card products using our software, we wanted to distill all the various ideas into something resembling a best practices ad.

We chose to stress the comparison between traditional old cards and new cards which give cardholders more. We focus on how the customer gets more value instantly, at the moment of purchase. And we focus on the fresh, new angle of getting special promotions when you pay with your card, promotions which are always more valuable and more exciting than a few points, miles or cash back.

Banks that use XLS can share this storyboard with their advertising agencies to help in the brainstorming process. I will be posting a similar storyboard that looks at this angle from the merchant's perspective, as a tool to help create marketing material to recruit merchant partners.

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