Jan 15, 2007

Example of a simple, effective pitch focusing on pain elimination

Here's a product that "can radically reduce the size of your Powerpoint presentations in seconds, by as much as 95% with no discernable loss of quality." It produces a new version of your presentation as a .ppt that anyone can read and modify using standard Powerpoint.

The company's fact sheet is a good case study on how to present a product in terms of the pain that it eliminates, in this case targeting people that insist on creating huge media rich presentations (like me). The fact sheet focuses clearly on the pains and makes the product irresistible for the target buyer. The tool essentially downgrades the quality of all the pictures in the presentation, something anybody could do by hand, but the fact sheet doesn't waste hardly any effort on describing HOW the pain is removed, so as not to cause the reader to lose focus on the simple pain of avoiding large Powerpoint presentations.

What does this have to do with payment cards? Imagine being able to market payment cards as being able to have a clear and substantial impact on something which all merchants can relate to. Rather than the current approach of small, incremental benefits like a tiny cut in payment transaction times, or big cuts in interchange fees.

Thank you Ram for bringing this to my attention.

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