Feb 22, 2007


This website is another indication that US merchants are making progress in their fight against interchange fees.

"Nearly 50 lawsuits from giant retail corporations have been filed to add check-out fees (surcharges) to every purchase you make, whether you're buying a tank of gas, a gallon of milk or a lunchtime meal. In many states there are laws to protect consumers from check-out fees but mega-retailers are suing to dismantle those consumer protections."

The website's About Us section says that it is managed by an association called Americans for Consumer Education and Competition, and that the association has the financial support of Visa USA.

Card usage will be seriously threatened if merchants start adding a surcharge at the bottom of receipts. This is a huge risk and the industry is still not dealing with it properly. The current strategy is to fight merchant surcharges in court and try to influence public opinion through media like this website. But the only right answer long term is to make payment much more valuable to merchants so that they are happy paying interchange fees.

(WayTooHigh.com brought this website to my attention.)

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