Apr 30, 2007

Promoting contactless usage in Malaysia

Malaysia is often mentioned as a key early market for contactless deployment in Asia. Sau Sheong recently sent me a few pictures of merchants that accept contactless cards in Kuala Lumpur.

This one is at Toy City. It shows how hard it is to manage the payment brand image at the point of sale. Even though Toy City is one of a small number of merchants that accept contactless, it was apparently impossible to get better visibility at the checkout. Also notice the prominent sign on a minimum amount for credit card purchases.

Contactless is much more prominent at a bookstore in the same mall. The door signage offers a discount voucher to customers that use a contactless card to pay. On average, it works out to be around a 5% discount when customers spend over 80RM, and it is apparently valid for the customer's next purchase. Customers don't get the voucher if they spend less than 80RM. That’s the equivalent of almost US$25, the limit for contactless transactions, so I don’t know how that promotion actually works.

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Anonymous said...


the contactless limit in Malaysia has been raised to MYR150 this year to promote increased usage.