Jun 29, 2007

London contactless conference

The final version of my presentation at the contactless conference in London this week was slightly different from the one in the conference guide. Here it is.

Download the pdf here.

The videos don't automatically link into the pdf, so you'll have to look at them separately. You can find the Blink advertisment here. The Visa advertisement that shows how magstripe transactions can be as fast as contactless is here.

And here is the little sequence, pulled from an advertisment in the Philippines, that shows how Welcome's technology works. You can see the payment information hidden inside the credit card's chip, which is used by merchants to trigger targeted promotions.


christophe spoerry said...

Il semble difficile d'accéder à la présentation ... Peut-être un problème du site hébergeur. Y a-t-il un autre moyen de récupérer la présentation ?
D'avance merci

Aneace Haddad said...

Many people have apparently had trouble accessing the presentation, so I have also put it up on SlideShare and modified the post accordingly. I appologize for the problem. Hopefully this will work fine now. Thanks to everyone for so much interest. My blog got a record number of hits this weekend, mostly due to requests to download the presentation.