Sep 12, 2007

Gartner: payment schemes need to offer merchants new promotional marketing capabilities at the POS to reduce pressure on interchange

ONLY 10 MORE DAYS to view this valuable Gartner report for free! Then we have to take it off our server.

Gartner has recently published a report, titled “Banks' Retail Payment Operations at a Tipping Point”, which we found so interesting that we obtained the right for you to view it.

Here are some of the report’s recommendations for banks:

“Introduce PIVAS [Payment Information Value-Added Services] to reduce pricing pressure from merchants and initiate a virtuous circle for retail payment operations. Merchants must actively support card programs and emerging payment solutions, but they are challenging the pricing model for the interchange. It's time to introduce services such as PIVAS to convince them of the real value of bank-sponsored retail payment networks.”

“An EMV-compliant card would store cardholders' shopping patterns on the chip (for example, how many times the cardholder has used a card at a specific retailer or whether the person has shopped at that retailer).”

“As a result, the retailer will have a platform to deliver tailored promotions at the POS that account for its marketing strategy and the activity and preferences of the customer. The promotion or message can be delivered via a POS receipt.”

Click here to view the report now.

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