Sep 13, 2007

Making Visa payWave the preferred contactless brand in Asia (seminar presentation with audio)

Last week I posted a seminar presentation exploring how a new generation Maestro debit card product, with built-in features that create lots of value for merchants, could compete better in the bold, new post-SEPA European market. I promised to do other pieces on other card brands if people showed enough interest in the Maestro presentation. I got record numbers of visitors to my blog for that post, and lots of comments by e-mail, so there's your answer. Away we go.

To balance things out and turn the tables around, here's a similar presentation that looks at the same question but on Visa payWave cards. How could a new generation Visa payWave contactless card compete better against MasterCard's PayPass, through value-added payment features for merchants? This presentation looks specifically at the Asia-Pacific market, with a little more focus on specific promotions in that region.

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