Nov 5, 2007

Real merchant testimonials

Last week I posted a video that includes interviews and testimonials from merchants in the Philippines, describing how they are using BPI’s Real Thrills promotional marketing capabilities. Here are a few sound bites. (The sound bites are also in Powerpoint format which can be downloaded here to include in presentations to banks and merchants.)

“The top two major challenges are competition and of course, continuously improving our sales,” says Mae Cu Unjieng, Chairman of Nike Women.

“To find new ways to incentivise customers to come into Nike Women’s store. That’s not always easy to do.”

What does she think of targeted receipt promotions offered by BPI’s acquiring services, which leverage marketing data inside BPI credit cards?

“A great idea to give customers a reason to come back and shop for more,” she says. “We don’t have to do anything. No paperwork, no reporting, because it’s on the chip.”

And no need to issue Nike co-branded credit cards or even loyalty cards. Customers simply use their normal BPI credit cards.

“No need to check and collect receipts,” says Jodie Gadia, General Manager of Robinsons Supermarket Chain.

“It’s all in the chip, and it comes out on the charge slip. So easy!”

Click here to see a newspaper ad describing a card-based promotion that Robinsons is running.

“It’s automated,” says Anton Ramos, President, Music One. “And there’s no more hassle and paperwork."

“It is very expensive to communicate to a broad market,” says Audrey Tanco, Sales and Marketing Manager, Bizu restaurants.

“So we have to really think of very creative ways to get our customers to keep coming back.”

“The best thing about it?” asks Robin Cu Unjieng, President and Managing Director of Nike Women.

“Real Thrills is free!”

I haven’t seen any statistics yet, but I expect that we will see results in line with what we have seen from other banks. The figures that Welcome has collected from other banks show that a card brand’s transaction volume can increase by an average of 75% when merchants use the card as a targeted promotional marketing platform.

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