Nov 26, 2007

Welcome releases SPICED brochure for payment schemes

Welcome has released a new brochure on SPICED, the company’s product for payment schemes, designed to protect interchange fees.

The brochure describes SPICED features and how the product fits in with Welcome’s XLS, the company’s traditional solution for individual banks. It also describes how Visa payWave in the Asia Pacific region will be the first scheme product to be SPICED.


denis said...

Hello Aneace, what is your vision of the implementation of SPICED in a mobile phone with a contactless payment fonction (Visa or Mastercard )?
Best regards.

Aneace Haddad said...

In fact, SPICED already functions with 3 technologies: contact chip cards (i.e. EMV type), contactless (for example payWave and PayPass) as well as NFC mobile phones. There's a demo at