Nov 9, 2007

We’ve evolved faster than I expected

Talking to Welcome’s customers at our User Summit a few weeks ago, I discovered that many of them see us as a strategic marketing partner. This both surprised and pleased me.

In my mind Welcome has always been a payment technology provider. A provider of infrastructure software for payment cards, terminals and back-end systems. Of course I’m very aware that there is a substantial amount of marketing involved in what we deliver, but I’ve always thought that that was standard practice for any new generation technology company like Welcome. Embedding a great deal of expert marketing strategy into the services provided to clients didn’t seem so out of the ordinary to me. But the discussions I had with customers made me realize that Welcome is providing much more strategic marketing support than banks are used to receiving from technology providers, and even from some traditional consultants and analysts.

Welcome has learned so much over the years from so many deployments around the world. The company knows a lot now about good and bad real-time marketing campaigns linked to payment, in many different business environments and many different merchant categories. That knowledge has become a key resource that the company delivers to its bank customers.

So I’ll reboot my mind with this new realization. And I’ll do a few blog posts which shed light on the types of marketing activities that go on behind closed doors at Welcome, which our customers see but which most other people don’t.

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