Nov 12, 2007

Wong Wan Ling: "Getting the most out of Welcome's marketing expertise"

Wong Wan Ling is Welcome’s Asia Pacific Marketing Director. She has been involved with many of our bank customers in the region, and often directly with their retail partners. Some of you met her at our annual User Summit in Dubai last month. Here is what she has to say about Welcome’s marketing services:

“Many banks and payment services providers have greatly benefited from the technology that Welcome has developed. However, in the process of working with our customers to deploy the technology, we have learnt that sound technology, without strategic planning and execution, will not maximise the potential business results.”

“The technology itself provides an excellent opportunity for Welcome’s customers to introduce a disruptive innovation in their markets. However, it remains a challenge when marketers are charged with a new way to strategise and execute the new marketing initiatives which the new technology allows.”

“As with all market disruptive strategies and initiatives, new sets of skills, knowledge and know-how are needed to deploy and execute. More often than not, the new way of doing things requires the organisation to develop new sets of processes and work procedures to ensure consistent and cost-effective delivery. Many organisations do not have the formal structure or resources to do this.”

“Welcome’s core expertise lies in card marketing enhancement technologies that create value at the moment of payment. As developers and originators of the technology, Welcome is in the best position to be the ideal partner to help our customers push the limit on the market potential of the technology. With experiences from many market implementations of our own technology, we have developed a set of processes, expertise, and skills that can be very quickly implemented to fit any bank organisation in order go-to-market in the shortest possible time.”

Some banks want to develop their own in-house expertise in promotional marketing at the point of sale. Welcome’s training seminars have helped these banks enhance their branding, advertising, loyalty marketing and partner recruitment activities.

Other banks want instead to outsource all or part of their marketing activities. Welcome’s marketing experts and network of partner consultants help these banks manage many aspects of their program, from branding and advertising to partner recruitment and promotional campaign design and management.

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