Dec 3, 2007

Behind the scenes: How networking with other Welcome licensees helped Maybank quickly recruit Pizza Hut

Pierre Boces has released several case studies on how Welcome's bank customers are developing stronger relationships with merchants. He just did one about Malaysian bank Maybank and Pizza Hut.

"Maybank learned that another Welcome licensee, UBL in Pakistan, had done a promotion with Pizza Hut, and decided to approach Pizza Hut for a similar promotion for Maybank cardholders," he says. "Pizza Hut quickly agreed, and the promotion was launched."

Prior to the promotion, customers eating at Pizza Hut’s 129 Malaysian outlets were spending an average of 45 ringgits (Malaysian dollars) and making an average of two visits a month. Pizza Hut rolled out a simple and attractive “One, Two, Three, Free” promotion with the following mechanics:
1st visit - Spend 65 ringgits and get a coupon for 10% off the next visit
2nd visit - Spend 65 ringgits and get a coupon for 10% off the next visit
3rd visit - Spend 65 ringgits and get a coupon for a FREE Regular Pan Pizza

The promotion ran at all Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia and lasted three months, from September to November 2005. It was advertised on tent cards in each restaurant. Fliers were also sent to Maybank cardholders with their monthly statements.

The Pizza Hut promotion for Maybankard customers was the first of its kind in Malaysia, different from other credit card promotions that rarely help merchants target their best customers. The innovative nature of the promotion attracted substantial interest in the press.

During the promotion, Pizza Hut saw a monthly increase in the number of cardholders being rewarded and the number of coupons redeemed. Maybank saw a 49% boost in purchases by its cardholders at participating Pizza Hut outlets.

You can download the case study here.

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