Apr 28, 2008

Boots till receipt promotions

Lots of merchants already print promotions and marketing messages at the bottom of till receipts, but they are based only on the amount the customer spends in one transaction. The next step is to print these offers and messages at the bottom of credit and debit card receipts, using a richer set of trigger criteria, like the date of the customer's last visit, or the number of visits or amount spent over a given period.

I picked up a couple things at Boots in London and received this promotional offer at the bottom of my till receipt. All shoppers get the offer. I didn’t use my Boots loyalty card (I don’t have one) and the checkout clerk didn’t ask if I wanted to apply for one.

But I did pay with a credit card.

Imagine if the same type of offer appeared at the bottom of the customer’s credit or debit card receipt, triggered based on whatever criteria Boots chooses, using payment data managed by Boots’ acquirer. The customer has been to Boots before, but not recently? Include a special offer at the bottom of the receipt, for occasional customers that could be shopping elsewhere. The customer is a heavy duty frequent shopper? Print a message encouraging the customer to apply for a Boots co-branded payment card.

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