May 29, 2008

Pay your taxi fare by SMS

I like solutions that mix old and new technology together, like paper receipt messages and e-payments. The right mix is much more effective than a pure electronic solution, which tends to be cumbersome and limited in capability. So I was interested to hear about this SMS payment solution being rolled out by an Abu Dhabi taxi company:

"After a taxi ride, you can follow the instructions on the card to pay the fare by SMS. You can type the taxi number and fare, and send an SMS to a given number. A confirmation message will be sent to the customer's mobile phone and to the electronic device in the taxi which will print the receipt."

Neat, simple, convenient, and works with any phone, now.


Brian Kirk said...

While SMS remains a clunky interface for mobile payments this one sounds quite legit. Here in the United States the telecom operators want to big a piece of the pie to use their network for these types of simple payment transactions. Not to mention that the cost to send a text here in the U.S. is higher than any other part of the world. In countries like the Philippines, the SMS capital of the world, it costs half a cent to send a text message. Compare this to the $0.15 cents you'll pay to both send & receive a text message on a standard AT&T plan. The carriers in the states are really gauging us on SMS. SMS is the only technology that comes to mind that has become more expensive to use as it has gained popularity.

I look forward to following your blog.

Alethea Lindsay said...

Great to see that it is available in Abu Dhabi, we are looking for a partner to roll it out in the UK. We have built this system and looking to JV with the right company who has distribution within the taxi space in the UK. Aneace, would you know of anyone/company who would be a good partner?
Thanks, this is a great blog!

Aneace Haddad said...

Alathea, you can email me directly at