Sep 20, 2008

Building true loyalty - helping customers when they really need it

Here's a positive thought after this past week. A veteran banker writes:

"We need to stop for a moment and recognize that even if we do have the biggest challenge since the Depression, it has also presented us with possibly the biggest opportunity to build relationships with our customers that we’ll ever see.

"When I was a very young banker in the 1970s, I spent some time trying to sell small family businesses on the idea of moving from Bank of America to the community bank for which I was working. I heard more than once that they wouldn’t do that because during the 1930s depression, A.P. Giannini loaned them, or their parents, money that helped them stay in business. They still remembered it 40 years later.

"Now it’s your chance and your opportunity. Helping customers when they really need it – isn’t that why you got into banking to begin with?"

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Anonymous said...

This banker has it right when it comes to treating customers fairly.

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