Nov 3, 2008

Phone wallet - do I need one?

Here's an interesting article in NetworkWorld, titled I need a 'wallet phone' why?

"Last night on my drive home I stopped at a Boston Market take-out restaurant and here's how I paid for my family's dinner: I handed the counter clerk my American Express, she swiped it through a card reader, and handed me a receipt. There was no PIN to enter and nothing to sign. Couldn't have taken 15 seconds.

"Would waving my cell phone at a wireless reader have been easier? Not for me, because I don't normally carry my cell phone. But, yes, I suppose those who do might have shaved a few seconds off that less-than-15-second transaction.

"And what's the value of that? About as close to zero as I can imagine."


Karen Webster said...

Completely agree. Mobile may eventually replace cards at the point of sale, but not because we’ll be able wave them at contactless terminals.
They’ll replace cards because of their ability to integrate payments, data, and applications made possible via cloud computing that will deliver real value to consumers and to merchants.

plastic business card said...


I think wallet is better than to phone because if we have wallet, we can buy mobile/phone.

Janet Altman said...

Thanks for the article ~

I think we will see a great deal of new technology emerge that is not just designed to save time but to create different more effective ways to crunch and process data.

My concern is the digital security aspect of each piece of technology as it evolves. There's so much to keep up with. I mean there are sites out there that are very helpful. is my favorite right now.

Maybe we stand a chance!