Oct 20, 2009

Taggo Launches Web 2.5 Membership Card Aggregator and Storefront

Platform-as-a-service model allows card solution providers to play a greater role in helping retailers market their cards with very little capital expenditure (CAPEX)

Taggo Pte Ltd, a membership card aggregator and storefront, today announced the availability of Taggo’s Web 2.5 platform-as-a-service model for companies which develop loyalty, prepaid, membership, access control and other similar systems dependent on the use of plastic cards.

Taggo’s platform-as-a-service model allows these companies to offer retailers and other organizations the ability to add their card programs to the Taggo storefront, with little or no capital expenditure on the setup and maintenance of servers, databases, storage and networks. Customers can join these programs through a simple SMS text message or by browsing the my-Taggo website (www.my-taggo.com) and tap their phones at the point of sale to enjoy the same benefits as presenting a plastic card, reducing the fat wallet epidemic.

“Companies that offer card solutions are searching for ways to help their retailer customers expand membership and usage, a problem that has grown bigger as people have become tired of carrying cards for every conceivable purpose,” said Aneace Haddad, founder and CEO of Taggo. “The Taggo Web 2.5 platform-as-a-service model allows for these providers to offer an elegant solution with almost no capital costs.”

The loyalty card market is an example of where Taggo can benefit developers, retailers and their customers. U.S. loyalty programs now count 1.3 billion individual memberships, more than four times the total U.S. population. Over 60 percent of these memberships are inactive. And it is becoming harder to enroll new members - average annual membership growth in the U.S. fell from 30% in 2000 to under 6% in 2006 (source: Colloquy). People can’t be bothered filling out yet another form for yet another card that will be left at home, unused.

In Singapore, 86% of retailers feel that the main reason people don’t use their cards more often is that they leave them at home, and 60% feel that the main reason customers don’t join programs is that they have too many cards already (source: Taggo). To attract people that don’t want more cards, 65% of retailers offer sign-up discounts, 60% offer free memberships. Surveys also reveal that virtually all retailers that offer loyalty or prepaid cards want to enroll more customers and increase card usage (93% of respondents).

“The results of these surveys provided us key elements for our value proposition,” said Aneace. “We are confident that our patented technology provides a powerful and simple solution for card issuing organizations, at a cost vastly lower than other mobile tap and go solutions that the industry is exploring.”

Taggo’s patent-pending technology works with all mobile phones and carriers, and is marketed through Value Added Resellers (VARs) that provide membership, customer management, loyalty, gift, prepaid and access card products and services. Taggo's first VARs currently serve retailers across the region, in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

VARs benefit in several ways when they integrate to Taggo’s Web 2.5 platform:

  • VARs can play a bigger role in helping their customers market their cards to their own customers.

  • VARs earn a portion of revenue streams that are charged to retailers when new members sign up for a retailer’s membership program.

  • VARs can expand their target market by offering their systems and services to the large number of retailers and other organizations that have not been able to justify issuing plastic cards.

About Taggo

Taggo is a card aggregator and storefront that provides a convenient and affordable way to use a mobile phone to replace plastic membership, loyalty, prepaid and access cards. Customers no longer need to carry as many cards in their wallets, and can join new programs with a simple text message, without the hassle of filling out forms. Retailers can sign up new customers easier, at lower cost, and can achieve higher usage than with plastic cards that tend to be left at home. Taggo’s patent-pending technology works with all mobile phones and carriers. Leading providers of loyalty, membership, gift, prepaid and access card solutions market Taggo to retailers and other organizations as a feature of their products and services. Visit http://www.my-taggo.com for more information.

For more information, please contact:
Aaron Koh
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Cathy said...

The mobile phone solution is a great one. For people who want to simplify their loyalty programs, why not simply use their government ID or driver's license as their loyalty card? They carry that card all the time. The technology is there to read and use the data to tie to a loyalty program. See IDLoyalty.com