Oct 10, 2009

Tap & go gives senior citizens more time to get across roads

Elderly pedestrians get more time to cross roads in Singapore when they tap their senior citizen mass transit cards at specially equipped cross walks. This is a novel use of NFC contactless technology that should help get creative juices flowing for all kinds of potential applications.

See a press article here and here.

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Christophe RICHARD said...

I normally don't look too long at business plans using technology for objectives that could be realized by a simple change of rules (usually pricing). That's basically the same with this application: if LTA was willing to grant pedestrian sufficient time for crossing roads, that gimmick would not be necessary. Now, it is proud to announce that senior citizens do not have run across the street at five locations on the whole island. Wouldn't the capital required to extend the scheme to all traffic lights be better employed elsewhere?