Aug 28, 2010

Local advertising is shaping up as the next great battle in the technology sector

A few headlines that are going into my next presentation:

Google And Facebook Battle For Local Ad Money
"Google, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Facebook are in a race for local business-ad dollars, the Wall Street Journal reported."

Battle over online local ads heats up
"While online search has transformed the way large businesses reach consumers looking to buy books, arrange vacations or consume media, it's had far less impact on the way people interact with the mom-and-pop shops that represent a huge slice of commerce."

The Local Advertising War Will Be a Clash of the Internet Titans
"With local advertising revenues expected to reach $144.9 billion in 2014 according to BIA/Kelsey — and more and more dollars are shifting away from traditional media toward digital media buys — the new war for local ad spend will be a battle between the Internet titans and social networks."

Google, Facebook battle on mobile for local ads
"In the battle for local ad dollars on digital and mobile platforms, traditional local media don't even seem to be part of the conversation."

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