Nov 11, 2010

Viral marketing success story at a restaurant in Singapore

A couple weeks ago, the Indonesian Panggang restaurant at NUS began using Taggo to offer a 10% discount to fans when they use their contactless transit card. Their goal was to attract new customers and friends of customers. Within one week, the number of fans doubled, from 276 to 550. Within two weeks, the number grew to 639 fans, an increase of 139% in a very short time. Growth is still continuing at a rapid pace.

Better yet, an average of 50 fans now tap each day for the discount, causing their friends to discover the restaurant as well. Indonesian Panggang's viral marketing advertisement reaches approximately 7,500 students each day (50 taps X average of 150 friends per Facebook user). In comparison, the restaurant has had a total of 12 Foursquare check-ins. That's total ever. Versus 50 taps each day with Taggo. Geolocation might be cool and trendy, but the numbers are just not there. Good old fashioned payment is potentially much more viral.

This is what the fan's friends see on their Facebook wall:

Indonesian Panggang was getting an average of 8 new fans per day prior to launching Taggo. A launch burst occurred over the first 3 days, then settled at an average of 20 new fans per day.

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Hilary Albutt said...

Dear Aneace Haddad

I think we should talk. I have a patent on a device which is bigger in scope than your taggo card.

I have been looking for funding but entrepreneurs are not yet appreciated in Africa.

I would also love to bring your idea to South Africa.

Please feel free to Fb friend me or email me directly.