Apr 9, 2011

Coaching startups in the art of the pitch

Singapore's Echelon 2011 event is coming up in June. The organizers expect over 1,000 delegates and 50 startups. I was asked to help coach the finalists as they prepare their big pitch to potential investors.

Here is a short chat on the theme of "So what, who cares, why me?" and "Vitamins, painkiller, cocaine", with Koh Jitsiong (Manager at the NUS Enterprise incubator, Garag3 and operations chief at e27), Gabriel Yang (Event management guru at e27 - don't you love his title?) and yours truly.

And that's not all folks!!! Get an exclusive discount for Echelon 2011 if you attend Echelon Satellite events in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Hong Kong. All the information is at http://echelon.e27.sg

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