Feb 13, 2012

PayPal is smart to dump NFC

Finally, some pragmatic news coming out of the NFC world.

This article describes why PayPal is ditching NFC technology in favor of other options that are more mainstream and more easily adopted by customers and merchants alike.

NFC is so clearly a technology in search of a solution. It would have fallen off the radar years ago if it weren't for Google. When talking to analysts in favor of NFC, one of their main reasons for why it will be a success is that Google is so smart and has so much money that NFC is bound to be successful. Right. The same company that offered US$6 billion to buy Groupon.

People make stupid mistakes when they have too much cash to burn. That's Google's main problem. Throw cash at stuff and see what sticks. NFC is not sticking.

Good riddance. Ditching NFC will release energy from inefficient projects and help the payment industry focus on solutions that are truly useful and valuable to customers and merchants.

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Jestep said...

It will be interesting to see if Google continues to push it on their own. Seems like without NFC there isn't any unified communication protocol that mobile payments can adopt.