Mar 23, 2012

Social media patent wars brewing

Facebook owns 56 patents and has just bought 750 patents from IBM in preparation for a battle against Yahoo, owner of an arsenal of over 1,000 patents. And yet I still run into entrepreneurs that believe that patents are not needed.


Paul said...

With the number of patents own by the big boys, it can be really a struggle for start ups to patent their invention. There seem to very little understanding of patents in Singapore. Often diff patent consultant can be giving diff advises, resulting in wasting of time and money during the process.

Aneace Haddad said...

Yes, Paul. very true. For me it's about focusing on really new and different things, thinking out of the box in new ways that the big companies are not looking at. Having quirky ideas that others in the industry would say, wow, why did you decide to combine those two unrelated things together? It's much easier to find real, patentable innovation in that mind space.