Dec 17, 2013

Adding social media insights to the POS experience

Taggo's POS check-in application shows the customer's Fan Club membership status and number of visits. This makes it easy for the cashier to know whether or not the customer is entitled to a Fan Club benefit.

We are working on new features that take this concept further, with badges that only the cashier sees.

Merchants using Fan Clubs have requested the ability to give special perks and services to customers based on social criteria, not just how often they visit. 

The first set of badges show whether or not a customer is an Influencer, Promoter or Frequent Shopper. Merchants can choose to adapt their services and promotions based on these criteria. The challenge is to find simple and fast ways to adapt the purchase experience without much effort. Kind of like the Silver, Gold and Platinum card experience used by airlines, but adapted to the needs of local businesses.

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