Aneace Haddad has been in the payments industry for 25 years. He has launched several start-ups and is the author of payment strategy books and numerous articles. Aneace’s most recent venture is Taggo, a start-up that turns Facebook fan pages into loyalty program Fan Clubs.

In 1996, Aneace founded Welcome Real-time, a provider of payment software to banks in 30 countries. In 1992, Aneace launched the world’s first smart card couponing system, PromoCarte and signed deals with 30 consumer product companies, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Colgate and others.

Aneace has filed numerous patents. In 2001, he managed and won an infringement lawsuit against a competitor in the US and Australia, establishing patent jurisprudence in the process. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. Aneace has lived and worked across the US, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia and speaks several languages.

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"Aneace is a passionate and visionary individual with a determination to succeed. I have known Aneace for close to a decade, interacting numerous times while he built Welcome Real-time. Throughout, Aneace proved to be one of the most creative and articulate persons that I had the privilege to work with. I look forward to the next opportunity!"
Patrick Gauthier, Visa USA

"Aneace Haddad is a visionary entrepreneur who has built a uniquely successful and profitable company from scratch. Aneace leads by example, inspires loyalty from his staff and is totally focused on delivering value to his customers."
Michael Keegan, former CEO of MasterCard subsidiary Mondex International

"Often ahead of the times, his peers and a client's requirements, Aneace Haddad is one of the leading innovators in how to deliver services, or features, to cardholders at the moment of payment. To vision the future of card payments today, read Aneace's Blog. It pays big dividends."
Alan Hale, MarketingLAB International

"As conference chairperson, Aneace’s expertise helped to shape 'Cards & Payment Asia 2008' to be a clear and dynamic exchange of ideas between the presenters and the delegates. Excellent chairing and sound comments!"
Jay Chan, Conference Producer, UNI