Fan Clubs, the world's simplest loyalty program, all you need is a Facebook fan page from Aneace Haddad

April 2011

Whether you are launching your own new startup company, or a new product or service within a large organisation, the simple framework you will discover in this booklet will help you dramatically increase your chance of success. Download e-booklet

September 2005

The world's payment infrastructure is going through a major upgrade to EMV, the smart card standard mandated by Europay, Mastercard and Visa to combat fraud. But EMV also offers significant opportunities for creating competitive advantage. Aneace Haddad's "A New Way to Pay" is about enabling cardholders and merchants to see card payment as something exciting and different, so that they will focus on the added value that your card provides, rather than simply the cost it represents. Find on

May 2000

Payment methods, smart cards and customer-elationship marketing are all converging at the moment of purchase, transforming the connections between shoppers, merchants and bankers. This book explores the impact of convergence and the opportunities for companies to use technology to gain market share. Find on